Nonda beginning of sales in Russia smart car charger that will tell you where you parked car [video]

There is in life something that annoys a user more than not on time discharged phone? Only a car, lost on a huge Parking lot.

The German company Nonda beginning of sales in Russia smart car charger and device to search the car. The main objective of the new items under the name ZUS Smart Car Charger — quickly and safely charge electronic devices in the car. Thanks to the clever stuffing products iPad charges in just 3 hours 40 minutes instead of 7 hours with other chargers, according to the manufacturer. The device is equipped with a cooling system and he is not afraid of the heat, which can rise in parked in the sun car.

ZUS Smart Car Charger is equipped with two reversible ports that allows to connect the cable in either direction. And the lights ElegantShine improves the visibility of the ports in the dark. According to the manufacturer, the novelty is the only device in its class that meets military standards. Housing with titanium coating promises long service device.

Mobile app installed on a smartphone will tell where and how far the user left your car. Simple interface arrows and distance values to the vehicle will save you from a long walk between the rows of identical machines.

In addition, the smartphone app is possible to share the Parking spot with friends, the timer and monitoring the status of the car battery.

The recommended value of “smart” charging ZUS Smart Car Charger in Russia is 3 990 rubles.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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