Out of memory on your iPhone or iPad? This device will help!

Memory on the iPhone and iPad is not the end, perhaps, only on devices with 256 GB of internal memory — the rest of this issue is painfully familiar. Particularly annoying is when I want to take a photo, or to download the application, but I see a system warning that insufficient memory is available. The solution to this issue came up a few years ago for us and now it has evolved considerably in the Leef iBridge accessory 3.

In simple terms, is a “flash drive” for iPhone and iPad, which is connected via a Lightning connector. Recently there appear more and more, what is this better you ask? We some time used iBridge 3 and I can safely answer for everyone. From ecosystems in the form of convenient mobile apps to the ergonomic shape and nice materials.

What is evolution, which we mentioned in the beginning? Start with the easy stuff — miniature size. The previous model iBridge without it was tiny, but here the device even less. A trifle, but nice: looks better and does not strain when using. In addition, if in the second generation accessory we saw the body from a soft-touch rubber, here we were met by a zinc alloy. Prints, of course, gathers to cheer, but looks very cool.

Complete with iBridge 3 also comes with a convenient rubber boot that not only protects against external damage, but also facilitate the “transportation” of the accessory can be, for example, hang it on a keychain, and a flash-drive will always be on hand.

By design, the device perfectly complements both iPhone and iPad — with mind and not say that it was developed not by Apple but by a third party. iBridge 3 has a J-shaped — this allows him to be virtually invisible for your iPhone or iPad, respectively, and accidentally hurt him. In addition, this form is very useful when using cases for iOS devices, since they do not have to remove. By the way, in the third generation uses the USB 3.1 connection to computer is USB 2.0 in the previous; on the other hand accessory is still Lightning.

The lion’s share of attention deserves the technical component iBrigde 3. First, the device supports multiple video formats (.mp4, .m4v, .mpv .avi and others), audio (.caf, .m4a, .mp3, etc.) and images (.jpg, .tiff .gif, .png). It is also possible to view documents from .doc and .pages to .pdf and .xls. But most importantly, a free mobile app that reveals the maximum functionality of the device. iOS will suggest to install it as soon as you plug the iBridge 3 for iPhone or iPad.

Opportunities abound in the Appendix: transfer photo from iPhone library (as a rule, the pictures take up the most space on your device), browse your media (photos, videos, and others), activate the camera using the device Leef — in this case, images will be on “the drive”. You can also manage the files, including if they are in “the cloud”: in the application of integrated services iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox. To do all this in one app very convenient.

The new device Leef seriously care about safety: you can block the accessory and lock “memory stick” cannot be viewed even on a computer via USB. The lock is released via a PIN code or fingerprint, and if you suddenly lose the “stick”, enter your contacts. The finder of the device will see your contacts, but to obtain access to information can not.

In General, the application is very easy — in fact here is everything you need, even a built-in player. The file transfer speed is pleasantly surprising.

To use the iBridge 3 you’ll need iOS 9 or iOS 10 and iPhone or iPad, from iPhone 5 and iPad mini first generation. At our disposal was the version of 32 GB, but 64 GB, 128 GB and even 256 GB.

Purchase iBridge 3 is in the shops “Svyaznoy”, re:Store and iPort.

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