Project Titan: all that is known at the moment

Over the past few months, the topics of the questions around the so-called Apple Car project (aka “project Titan”) changed the tone with “So they work on the car or not?” to “When can you imagine?” “How would it look like?” and “with whom Apple is planning to make it?”. Despite the fact that Apple is trying not to comment on various rumors and speculation on this subject, it does not prevent them flare up with renewed vigor. To be clear, what is this all about, today we will try to combine all the rumors, the evidence and arguments around the so-called “project Titan” (the”Project Titan”).

Apple wants to buy McLaren?

A few days ago appeared information that Apple is considering the purchase of the British manufacturer of supercars, and even already is in preliminary talks on the issue. This information was revealed by the Financial Times, which, citing an anonymous source close to the issue of this case, reported that the amount of a future transaction can be up to $ 1.9 billion.

After publication of article representatives of McLaren was quick to say that all this talk about the alleged purchase by Apple of their company are absolute speculation. Moreover, we are not even talking about any financial investment from a U.S. company.

If for a moment imagine that Apple will actually be able to bathe McLaren, what will it benefit me? First, this will give Apple access to a variety of processing technologies of light production materials, aluminum and carbon fiber. Secondly, previously McLaren had announced plans to develop hybrid and electric propulsion technologies that Apple too would be useful. In any case, as both companies refuse to comment on these conversations.

The Apple Car project was canceled?

According to insider information, seriously Apple has pushed back plans for project implementation of Project Titan. Many of the people involved in this project were dismissed or transferred to work in other divisions of the company. Some sources believe that Apple decided to abandon plans of entering the automobile market and focus on the development of technologies for Autonomous software for cars, rather than to develop the whole car.

The Apple Car will use a unique technology batteries

If the car Apple will really once presented to the public, then, most likely, the audience will expect some unique features and functions in this vehicle. Of course, bet on the technology of unmanned management, according to some experts, could be one of the most suitable variants of such features, however, according to South Korean publication ETNews, the uniqueness of the Apple Car will be the battery system.

The source claims that Apple may cooperate with Korean manufacturers and to lead the development of cylindrical Li-ion batteries with a hollow core. Why hollow? Modern batteries due to the features occurring in them chemical reactions produce heat from the center, however, the hollow design will significantly improve the cooling efficiency of such batteries. In addition, it will eliminate the need to use additional cooling elements, which in General will make the vehicle easier, simpler and possibly cheaper.

Not called the source, the Korean firm signed a contract with Apple to disclose, so to find out more detailed details is not possible. However, according to the application filed in the European patent office, the company is called Orange Power. The company is small, consists of only 33 persons. Main field of activities – development of battery technology.

Apple has gone back to veteran and hardware development for the management of Project Titan

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple returned to work one of their most respected veterans, Bob Mansfield to head the project of creating a car. Mansfield left his post in 2013 and has since helped the company in the status of a consultant. But until then, this man was involved in the development of products such as MacBook Air, iMac and iPad. According to a source, Mansfield replaced Steve Sadecki that he led Project Titan.

Release postponed to 2021

Initially, all the rumors and talk point to the fact that the Apple Car project will be implemented in 2020, however, according to a new report from the Information, the release could move 2021. Experts and analysts are now arguing on the fact that this transfer can be associated with security. First, the company wants to protect your server from data loss, which in the development of the car will, of course, very much. The same Tesla, for example, uses web services to Amazon, but knowing Apple, it is always preferred to keep all its solely in their bins. In addition, the delay of the project may be associated with leaving the position of head of Project Titan Steve Sadecki that no longer works for the company.

In any case, any delay creates the Bosch distance between Apple and manufacturers of electric vehicles like General Motors and Tesla. When the same Executive Director of Tesla Elon musk was asked about what he thinks about doubt in the Apple question of the release of his own car, Musk said he sees this as only one “missed opportunity”.

Apple explores the electric technology of charging stations

Apple still does not confirm (or deny) work on project of electric cars, but according to Reuters, the tech giant is in the negotiation process with companies producing electric charging stations for electric vehicles. As an earlier chatter among the press and analysts pointed to the fact that the Apple car will be electric, the news breathed into the speculation a new life.

The Reuters report also States that Apple has recently hired at least four experts on technologies for charging electric vehicles”, including former employees of the companies BMW and Google.

BMW and Daimler have said “Nein”

According to insiders, some time ago Apple was in talks with BMW and owner of Mercedes-Benz and Daimler, the German newspaper Handelsblatt States that the negotiations to anything positive for Apple failed. The stumbling block between automakers and Apple has become the latest preference store various information about the vehicle in iCloud. According to the same insiders, the main partner in automotive project Apple was a canadian-Austrian automotive engineering group Magna.

Apple has poached a Vice-President at Tesla engineering part

Edition Electrek says that Apple hired a former Vice President of the division for the development of Tesla motors, Chris Porritt. This news was not confirmed from Tesla and Apple, but sources say that “project Titan” need a new head, as former head Steve Zaleski left the company in January of this year.

Porritt was at his post in the Tesla within three years. Prior to that, Chris worked at Aston Martin and Land Rover and going to Tesla worked on the development of platforms for Model S and Model X. in Addition, he assisted in the creation of a new body to the model 3. According to sources close to the case, Porritt was hired by Apple to work on “special projects”.

In Berlin discovered a secret lab

Apple is always secretive when it comes to developing new products, so no wonder that Project Titan was formed almost complete information isolation. However, this does not stop the media from finding sensations. German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung claims to have discovered a secret Apple lab in Berlin, where the company is secretly working on their car.

The newspaper reported that the company, the location of which is not disclosed, operates from 15 to 20 people. The group includes software developers and engineers, and marketing professionals. The publication writes that “a relatively young, but progressive team of specialists” at the moment filed the necessary documents for registration in the German government. Does this mean that Apple vehicle will be made in Europe?

The cost of a car from Apple will be 75 thousand dollars?

In an interview for the Apple Car Fans financial analyst at Apple Jen Munster said that the cost of Project Titan will be quite competitive $ 75,000. Apple continues to remain silent about any official details of this project, however, this estimated cost will be able to put the Apple car in a row with this proposal, as the Model S 90D, whose value in the initial configuration is 73 700 dollars.

Munster also noted that, despite the departure of the project Manager Steve Zaleski, “there are more than 50 percent chance” that the car project of Apple will get to release. However, the analyst then explained that to the final consumers, the car may not reach.

Head of Project Titan leaves Apple

Steve Zaleski, the head of the project of electric car Apple and a company veteran with 16 years of experience, left the “Apple” of the manufacturer. This news was shared by edition of the Wall Street Journal.

According to sources close to the matter, the decision Sadecki to leave the company taken for personal reasons and was not connected with his professional qualities. The exact date of his departure from Apple is still unknown, since at the time of writing this article Sadeski still listed as part of the company.

In the Apple Sadecki came from Ford in 1999, where he was an engineer. Since then, he has participated in many projects of the company, including in the development of iPhone and iPod. Working on “project Titan,” he began in 2014.

The head of Apple is silent as a fish, but makes allusions

In a recent interview with the Independent, the head of Apple Tim cook refused to comment on the question whether the company is in the automotive direction. The only thing Apple CEO said, was that in which, in his opinion, the direction of the modern automotive world, probably, thus hinting about the position of Apple in this automotive world.

“I have nothing to say or to announce some of our plans in this direction,” cook said.

“But I think that some significant changes in industry production of electric and driverless cars will happen during the next few years. There will need to be given serious work tools for user interaction with the system. And I think that this area will be the held the most significant changes”.

Test Project Titan can begin in 2019

According to the article The Wall Street Journal, the debut of Apple in the market of electric vehicles will take place in 2019. In the desire to get to the set deadline, the company increased the number of people employed in this project, employees from 600 to 1,800 people.

Despite earlier information that Apple held a meeting with official representatives of the DMV of California for the regulation of vehicles, which have the function of Autonomous control, the latest information suggests that the Apple Car project will not be completely unmanned. Most likely, the car will be semi-Autonomous from the Apple as the model of Tesla.

Search for test polygons near San Francisco

In August this year the British newspaper the Guardian reported that the development of Project Titan has advanced and Apple began looking for a closed test site near San Francisco. As mentioned in the news, the company has its eye on GoMentum Station, the former naval base with an area of 850 hectares, guarded at the moment as private companies and the military. On the basis of more than 30 kilometres of roads of various condition. This place was once used by companies such as Mercedes-Benz and Honda, to test technologies for unmanned driving.

Randy Iwasaki, a representative of the administration of the city, close to the issue said that Apple was indeed interested in GoMentum Station, however, to sign the agreement and failed, as there was some disagreement as to the issues of non-disclosure of private information. Official confirmation from Apple, of course not, but the words of the representative of the administration is quite interested in many media.

Apple has already built the first car sold it and serves through BMW?

BMW and Apple worked together on some smaller projects in the past, but nothing specific about creating a full-fledged car the joint efforts of the two companies is not known. However, German publication Manager Magazin in July of this year wrote that Apple is considering the BMW i3 as the platform for their first car. Moreover, the vehicle signboard Apple will be manufactured, sold and serviced by a German company.

Earlier this year, Apple Executive Tim cook visited the BMW plant in Leipzig, which produces the Assembly process of the model i3.

Apple hires the veterans of the automotive industry

Perhaps the most promising sign that the Apple Car project is actually alive and secretly being developed, is the fact hiring in July of this year by Apple Arc Betts, the former head of quality control Department assembling automotive conglomerate Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Betts is a true veteran of the automotive industry and worked for 21 years in companies such as Nissan, Toyota, Michelin and General Motors. In addition, the company from Cupertino has managed to attract to his team-Farghali, a prominent researcher of the automotive industry from Europe as well as Jamie Carlson, former engineer for the company Tesla.

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