Roskomnadzor has unlocked the almost 8 million IP addresses that used the Telegram

On the evening of 7 June Roskomnadzor unlocked around 8 million IP addresses, most of which belong to Amazom. Previously, the Agency reported that Amazon refused to cooperate with the Russian authorities.

On said website “Esher II” which monitors the health of the registry of banned sites. According to him, unlocking started at 18:45 Moscow time. Later, Roskomnadzor confirmed the information to Interfax.

“Unlocked part of the Amazon subnets and a single subnet hosting provider Online SAS. The total number of IP addresses included in the data subnet, about 8 million”, ā€” reported in a press-Department service.

Unlock Roskomnadzor explained that the Telegram no longer uses these IP addresses to bypass any restrictions. Roskomnadzor started to massively block the subnet Amazon and Google right after a lock Telegram. After that, failures were not only from messenger but also from other companies. Previously Roskomnadzor announced that it has managed to establish contact with Google, negotiating with Amazon to nothing lead.

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Clifton Nichols

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