Russia got to ten the countries with the cheapest Internet

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, Russia pushed from fifth place in the ranking of countries with the cheapest mobile Internet. Now the state on the eighth.

All of the powers fee for network access is constantly decreasing: today, the average price per GB in Russia – 65.2 rubles, and in February 2017 – a hundred rubles. Despite this, in 2018, the country overtook Poland, Venezuela and India.

In may this year, the average cost GB worldwide amounted to 280,49 rubles, and in February 2017 379,9 of the ruble. Cheapest mobile Internet in Iran was 5.4 rubles per GB, and the most expensive in Japan 830,7 rubles per GB.

According to the data, affect the price an incredible number of factors: the number of operators, the value of the domestic currency, the size of the country, the number of tariffs, competition, and more.

The cost of mobile Internet is constantly decreasing in Russia, but quality improves the speed of data transmission in Russia is much higher than abroad. This is due to very high competition.

However, in the near future is expected to increase prices of communications services. According to reports, in recent years, they increased by 9%. This is due to the upcoming inflation and depreciation of the ruble.

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Clifton Nichols

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