Snapchat in an exclusive mask for iPhone X

The app Snapchat is finally masks involving technology TrueDepth. They were first demonstrated at the presentation of iPhone X in September of last year.

Snapchat in an exclusive mask for iPhone X

Thanks to the advanced front camera the flagship Apple team Snapchat have managed to create a realistic and detailed mask. They are drawn directly on the face and react to different users ‘ emotions. This distinguishes them from what was before. Old mask looked rough and not always correctly displayed. TrueDepth camera corrects both flaws and allows you to fully demonstrate the capabilities of facial recognition Apple.

Among the novelties: green wrestling figure, tiara and an ornate masquerade mask.

It should be noted that the data that gets app Snapchat are very different from those used to authorize Face ID. To unlock iPhone, the camera produces detailed 3D model of the user’s face and stores it in the form of a mathematical code in the processor of the device. Third-party developers only get surface information and cannot complete a confidential information. This means that you can try on new masks and not worry about the security.

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