Surface Laptop vs MacBook: which laptop to choose?

What is the best MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook…Laptop or Surface? Now that Microsoft has entered the market of laptops, the choice is as ever complex. At first glance, the Surface Pro resembles the MacBook Air with Retina display, and the price of these devices are in the same category. But it is necessary to add several options and the price of the laptop Microsoft will soar to the level of MacBook Pro.

Do you need macOS?

If you are sure that you need a macOS, your MacBook. If you need Windows, then options – you can choose your Surface Laptop or Mac, as Apple computers allow you to work with Microsoft operating system in a virtual machine or in Boot Camp mode.

Surface vs Laptop the 13-inch MacBook Air

Surface Laptop similar to MacBook Air, it is thin and lightweight. For the price of these devices are roughly comparable.

Between these models there are a few key differences. First, the Surface is available in four colours – platinum, gold, blue and Burgundy, at that time, like the MacBook Air is only available in silver.

Second, Surface Laptop touch PixelSense display diagonal is 13.5 inches with an aspect ratio of 3:2 and resolution 2256 x 1504 pixels, and the MacBook Air screen with a resolution of 1440×900 pixels.

Thirdly, Surface Pro Laptop equipped with Intel Kaby Lake last generation, and the MacBook Air was not updated for several years.

On the other hand, the Surface only has one USB port and A DisplayPort, the MacBook two USB ports-and A Thunderbolt 2.

If you need a cheap laptop running macOS, choose MacBook Air. Otherwise, at least until Apple refreshes the lineup of available laptops, Microsoft Surface will be a more interesting option.

Surface Laptop vs MacBook 12-inch

Since the Surface is only one USB connector, it is easy to draw an analogy with the 12-inch MacBook.

MacBook port is equipped with next-generation USB-C, what moves the entire industry, and Surface outdated USB Type-A. For both laptops may require an adapter, but eventually the Mac will require less.

Both devices are equipped with displays with high pixel density, but the Surface Laptop the touch screen. The Microsoft notebook fabric cover around keyboard and trackpad.

The situation with colors is slightly different – the MacBook is available in gray, silver, pink and Golden colors.

Surface Laptop is equipped with a fan, but runs on faster Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, while the MacBook is absolutely silent, but includes the less powerful chips Intel Core M.

If you need a compact, slim and lightweight laptop, you can choose the 12-inch MacBook. If performance is an issue and display with multitouch support, look to the Surface Laptop.

Surface Laptop vs MacBook Pro 13-inch

Competitor Laptop Surface, it would seem, is the MacBook Air, which is in the same price category. But if the first add offer upgrade options, the price tag closer to the MacBook Pro.

Regardless of price Surface Laptop you get one USB Type-A, which will soon become a relic of the past. MacBook Pro is equipped with two or four ports USB Type-C/Thunderbolt, but you may need an adapter.

MacBook Pro is available in silver or grey colour and has cloth covering the keyboard.

Both models have displays with high pixel density, but the MacBook screen is non-touch, though there is a Touch Bar that replaces function buttons. A significant advantage of the Apple computer – a built-in fingerprint scanner that allows you to quickly log in to the OS and apps and also make purchases online.

As for the processor, while the Surface is superior to MacBook Pro – Apple left on Skylake. While the laptop is on macOS outperforms competitor performance graphics card.

If you need touch screen original colors hull – choose your Surface Laptop. If you are interested in Touch ID, and more modern connectors, you should look into the MacBook Pro.

Still undecided?

If you still don’t know which laptop to choose, worth the wait. In the sale are not yet available top configuration Surface Laptops, and Apple may introduce a new line of laptops in early June. The company is expected to announce three new laptop models: MacBook Pro with Intel Kaby Lake, a MacBook with a 12-inch display and an updated MacBook Air with the new processor.

Presentation of new products Apple could be held at the annual WWDC in San Jose, which will be held from 5 to 9 June.

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