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Processor Huawei Mate 20 Pro lost last year in the iPhone A11 X

Huawei Mate 20 Pro is a unique flagship not only because of its design, a great battery and the system with three cameras, but also thanks to the 7-nm chip. Despite rumors that the processor Kirin 980 is the most powerful in the world, he lost in the performance tests from A11 Bionic.

As you know, recently presented the flagship Huawei use 7-nanometer processor Kirin 980, over which the company has worked for many years. For comparison, all other Android smartphones run on 10-nm …


Vertu unveiled a new smartphone for 14 thousand dollars

The company has dealt with their debts and ready to conquer the world of premium smartphones. The first step to conquest this market segment of mobile devices will become the model Aster P.

The device was announced on 16 October 2018: Vertu sent out to journalists invitations to the presentation of the new smartphone in China. The manufacturer was declared bankrupt more than a year ago, but now, it seems, all debt guidance accomplished, and the new product will mark the beginning of a …


Pavel Durov has criticized WhatsApp and Facebook

Pavel Durov has published on its channel in the Telegram a new post. The founder of the messenger shared his opinion about problems in Facebook and WhatsApp, and also reminded about the uniqueness of the Telegram.

Durov started your post with what you told about working on an updated version of Telegram for iOS.

Last week a Telegram was tense — we’ve been busy improving our new app for iOS and struggle with the problems with the connection. We slept a little, but still I believe …


How to check the serviceability of the car with the iPhone

Most car owners prefer to self-diagnose vehicle before contacting a service center. Thanks to modern technology, it is enough to have a smartphone and diagnostic adapter connecting to OBD2 to troubleshoot the car.

Scanner Dr.OBD2 Meter is a “must – have” device for all car owners. Diagnostic adapter suitable for any car or truck automobile, which were released after 1996. It supports all OBD2 protocols. The advantage of this model is the Wi-Fi module and compatible with iOS and …


Russians will be able to use smartphones instead of cards in the ATM

Russian ATMs will be able to use smartphones instead of plastic cards. This is reported by news with reference to representatives of the credit organizations.

Banks expect a gradual shift from plastic cards to digital formats and electronic means of payment. One of these transitions is the possibility of use in the ATM of a smartphone instead of a physical card.

According to representatives of banks, ATMs in the near future it will be possible to use with the help of payment …


Android devices become more expensive due to changes in Google policy

Google forced to start to charge the Android manufacturers for using the software that was previously included with the operating system for free. Perhaps this will affect the cost of the gadgets.

The new rules apply only to Europe, because the EU ruled that Google uses anti-competitive business practices. The company was also fined about $ 5 billion.

One of the reasons Android smartphones is successfully competing with the iPhone, is their relatively low cost. These devices are so …


Huawei has unveiled the flagship smartphone Mate 20 Pro

Huawei Mate 20 Pro took all the best from P20 Pro, but it got some unique features. This is the first phone of the company that performs the role of wireless charging.

Mate 20 Pro got a big 6,39-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 3120 × 1440 pixels. It has a cutout on top, which houses the front camera and sensors which are necessary for face recognition. In addition, it is integrated with fingerprint scanner.

This is the first Android smartphone that features a …


HTC will release a blockchain-mobile Exodus 22 Oct

New HTC smartphone – Exodus – could become one of the most interesting gadgets in 2018. In addition, the device is very mysterious, since journalists about him almost nothing is known.

HTC has published in his Instagram profile, the news that Exodus will be submitted this month. In the message there is a short video that tseric name – Exodus (Exodus), and the date of the announcement of 22 October.

Earlier we told you about the interview with the project leader of the …


Adobe presented video editor Premiere Rush CC for all platforms

Adobe released professional video editor Premiere Rush, to enable users to quickly create video format for popular social networks. The app is available on iOS, macOS, Android and Windows.

According to representatives of Adobe, this app is developed especially for those users who need to quickly edit videos. At the Premiere of Rush strong emphasis on export projects. Users can optimize video for Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo.

The app interface is redrawn …


Palm introduced the super-compact smartphone

The American company Palm back on the smartphone market after closing in 2010. The manufacturer released a compact smartphone with a screen of 3.3 inches, which can create a new class of devices.

The smartphone has a small 3.3 inch screen with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels. This is less than the first iPhone in 2007, so the phone is very compact.

Despite the small display, the rest is the usual Android smartphone 8.1. Inside it is equipped with a processor Snapdragon 435, …