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Google simplified the procedure to clear search history

As you know Google keeps a record of everything for registered users of a search service. You can clear the history of their local browser, but all information will be stored on Google servers.

To delete the search history had to go into account settings and view their activity, and many users found it difficult to complete all of these steps.

Today, 24 October, Google had made it easier to delete your search history. You can now view and delete recent history in the search engine. …


The very first Android smartphone was 10 years old

Exactly ten years ago appeared on the market the first smartphone running the Android OS. In honor of the anniversary, our editors decided to recall what was the very first Android gadget.

At the time, the operating system has not even been given a name, however, has not prevented to provide multi-tasking between apps and handling content sharing programs.

In the fall of 2008, the American operator T-Mobile released the HTC Dream, calling it the T-Mobile G1. It was presented …


Google has promised to correct the error where smartphones do not retain Pixel pictures

One of the main reasons why people opt for smartphones Google Pixel regardless of generation. But, unfortunately, these devices have software bugs, of which some photos are not saved.

The most common problem faced the owners of Pixel 3 and 3 XL, but Google promised to fix it in all generations smartphones.

The problem is that the camera …


HTC started to sell crypto-smartphone Exodus 1 bitcoin

Today, 23 October, HTC announced its first crypto-smartphone – Exodus 1, and opened pre-orders for the gadget. The uniqueness of the phone is the wallet for cryptocurrency and token, which is stored in the area “protected from the Android OS”.

About the device started talking in may of this year, as one of the most interesting projects of the company. At that time, the project Manager Phil Chen said that every phone Exodus will act as the switching node, which will facilitate the …


Google news burn a large amount of Internet traffic in the background

Some users of the application “Google news” for Android reported that the program loaded the excessive amount of data in the background. This situation has led to enormous bills for Internet traffic.

According to dozens of messages on the help forum Google News, users are faced with a similar problem in June. The moderators of the community service, the company is investigating the incident and working to correct mistakes, but the problem still continues.

The editors at The …


Producers will pay 40 dollars for Google

Manufacturers of Android smartphones will have to pay Google for installing proprietary applications. At this step Google went after, I received a fine from the EU for 5 billion dollars.

According to documents that appeared in the edition of The Verge, Google has developed a system of tariffs for manufacturers of Android smartphones. February 1, 2019, the company must pay the search engine for the right to install Google apps (including Google Play Store, YouTube and Google Maps) for a …


Google using software made rounded corners of the display Pixel 3

The Verge has learned that Google relies on software to make rounded corners on Pixel 3. Interestingly, in the Pixel 3 XL not used this method.

In 2018, Google has updated the rules of branding Material Design, which now includes rounded corners. This change can be seen in the updated Gmail and Chrome, and now in the smartphone Pixel 3.

Google decided to use soft to make rounded corners in your phone. It can be noticed during power the device.

It is unknown what the reasons …


What to expect from the next update of WhatsApp

October 18 release of an update to WhatsApp messenger. Tell that to wait for the user after downloading it and what new features can come in handy.

One of the most interesting features in the updated messenger will be the mode of “vacation.” Screenshots the appearance of this option was published by the information portal WABetaInfo. This feature will work in conjunction with the new silent mode, which will disable the notification icon in the app from the chats that the user has “choked”. …