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Why macOS Mojave forever change the fate of Mac

Explain how a mobile app can radically change the use of a computer.

Mac in the Apple product family — as the eldest child, who had stopped paying attention because of the emergence of a younger brother. For many years, innovation is increasingly concentrated in a much more common iOS, leaving the operating system and desktop computers Apple in the shade.

It seemed that this is a game with a negative amount — here the efforts arrived, there departed. But WWDC 2018 gave a …


Apple Music new section “Upcoming releases”

Apple Music received an internal upgrade and got a new useful section of “Upcoming releases”. It is reported 9to5Mac.

It shows the expected albums and preview add. In addition, profiles of performers on the Mac now fresh design. Of course, the “Upcoming releases” was supposed to appear much earlier, but better late than never.

To access it, you must:

  • Open Apple Music.
  • Go to the “New music”.
  • Opened scroll down the list and choose the category “Upcoming
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    The developers: a free trial period for apps in the App Store is not as good as it seems

    At the opening of the WWDC Apple announced that paid apps in the App Store will get the trial version. However, some developers see in this innovation a number of challenges, the newspaper reports Daring Fireball.

    In an interview one of the creators of the app for the layout of blogs, MarsEdit, Daniel Jalkut called the approach proposed Apple surrogate for a trial period, and listed the many problems that may arise in the future.

    The decision of the Corporation Tim cook is …


    Apple stopped signing iOS 11.3.1 after iOS 11.4

    As in the case with each new version of iOS, the seventh of June, Apple has stopped signing iOS 11.3.1 obsolete after the release of the fresh iOS 11.4. It is reported by AppleInsider.

    Now all the updated will not be able to revert to the previous system. The company excludes this possibility to ensure that the owners of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch using the latest software on their devices.

    Published may 29, iOS 11.4 brings two long awaited features: AirPlay 2 and a sync message in …


    How Apple managed to make the scrolling smoother in iOS

    One lecture, 2018 WWDC Apple engineers told us how they managed to bring back smooth scrolling in iOS.

    Schedule increase the CPU frequency while scrolling the interface

    The engineers of the Corporation finally managed to solve the problem with the braking interface during scrolling lists. Hang and decreasing the frame rate for several years of torment, iOS users even on top-end devices like the iPhone X. 12 version system Apple decided to fix it.

    First and foremost, the …


    Apple was late: the Taiwanese company showed the adapter for wireless charging AirPods

    At Computex in Taiwan, local company showed adapter for wireless charging AirPods. An interesting discovery has told 9to5Mac.

    Taiwan manufacturer Ortek introduced the adapter the APR-100 wireless charging case for AirPods. It greatly increases the size of the accessory, but also spoils the appearance. The company promises that the charging time of the case and headphones will be 1.5 hours. Ortek APR-100 also provides protection from power surges. The manufacturer has not announced …


    iOS 12 will simplify application testing

    In iOS 12 introduced the ability to install test program at the public links. Previously, this required a request by e-mail.

    Sessions with developers, Apple employees told about one subtle but important upgrade over TestFlight — it is the main way of beta testing apps on iOS. Starting with iOS 12, the developer can create a public link to install a test version of the app, and share it with anyone.

    TestFlight now offers a public invite url link! No more email requirement! Lots of …


    The Wallpaper of macOS Mojave has already appeared in the network

    The Mojave desert in southern California not only gave the name of the new operating system for Mac, but also inspired the designers of Apple in the creation of stunningly beautiful dynamic desktop Wallpaper.

    Officially macOS 10.14 will be released in autumn 2018. Now available the first beta version for developers.

    However, Mac owners can decorate your desktop with original Wallpaper now.

    Welcome Reddit users have posted a zip archive with 16 dynamic images. Download …


    Morning developer at WWDC: the terrible trainer and Powerbeats 3 gift

    Apple pays more attention to the health and active lifestyle. Therefore, the conference for developers WWDC together with Nike has organized a series of running sessions. Participants received instruction from leading coaches and prizes.

    Early morning on June 6 in San Jose began with a training Run WWDC. The developers, armed with your iPhone or Apple Watch and Nike+ Running, gathered at a conference center named after Machinery.

    In front of them with a welcome speech …


    Review of dark themes in macOS Mojave – video

    2018 at WWDC Apple introduced a new version of macOS with a dark interface. Tell more about how it looks and what’s wrong with it.

    Customers have been asking Apple to add to their operating system alternative color scheme for a very long time. Finally, at least in the macOS display appeared.

    Dark mode looks very impressive, plus greatly reduces eyestrain. However, if you look closely, you will notice that the Windows programs look a bit angular.

    The problem starts when on …