What’s new in macOS 10.14 Mojave

New macOS Mojave was presented on 4 June at WWDC 2018. The first beta version for developers is already out, and she became aware of some of the features of the operating system.

New lock screen design

The lock screen has undergone little change icons users are getting bigger and the font bigger. Because of this, to use the new operating system will be better.


With the release of macOS Mojave in tabs, Safari will display badges or emblems of sites. It will encourage work for those who are accustomed to open many tabs at once, and help is easier to navigate when working on the Internet.

The selected sites will be enabled by default. To disable this feature through the System preferences Safari.

Custom accent colors

MacOS Mojave will appear not only the long-awaited dark theme. Now users will be able to choose your own accent colors. In the “General” menu the System settings available in blue, red, orange, yellow, green, purple, pink and grey colors to highlight the accents.

Software updates

The software update is back in System settings. This event is dedicated to a separate article that describes the changes in more detail.

A new app for the DVD player

As you know, the Mojave will be the last operating system that supports 32-bit programs. So Apple changed the app to play a DVD, added the appropriate Bar Touch control and updated the program icon.

Automatic secure passwords

Like the iOS 12, as required, Safari will prompt the user strong passwords and remember them. Existing and reused passwords are selected in the browser settings, so, if you want, they can easily be replaced by a unique combination.

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