The Elder Scrolls: Blades from Bethesda — an overview

Mobile games at E3 are shown rarely, so the release of The Elder Scrolls: Blades for all was a surprise and caused a stir. AndroidPolice did a review of the first public demo version of the game.

At the moment she does not have even an approximate release date and most exciting stuff, like a multiplayer “arena” and the storyline “City”, is missing. While users can try only to wander through the maze, which is divided into the location of “Forest” and “Castle” in the demo version.


Management in game quite simple. When the main character approaches the enemy, it is necessary to lower the finger on the screen and hold it until a circle of energy is fuller than it is, the greater the damage.

To navigate, you can use a virtual joystick or simply touching the place you need to go. To interact with objects you need to press them: for example, to break the pot and retrieve the gold, enough for him to knock.

Due to the fact that the controls are very simple, play is not very interesting. It all comes down to the endless chain: meeting with the enemy > a couple of touches > the transition to the next. Perhaps with higher levels will have more problems, but with the advent of the shield, the fights become more varied.


At the bottom of the screen there are three bars health, mana, and stamina, and most important. The other two need to run and magic – things that are not very often useful. In the inventory menu there is a tab “Potions” and “Different”.

Bethesda has mentioned on the presentation that the corridors created by artists and ordinary generation. As a result, they did not turn out particularly interesting, though, to linger in each room will not have long – enough to break the door and kill all the monsters.


The graphics are not very good – at the level of PS3 or Xbox 360, no more. The maximum number of frames per second – 30, which is also quite mediocre, given the capabilities of modern smartphones. Maybe in the future Bethesda will make The Elder Scrolls: Blades operate at a stable 60 FPS.

It is difficult to say whether the final game is really interesting and exciting, because most of the features still locked. In the end it may be that the project is worthwhile.

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