The month with the iPhone XR: the pros and cons and the experience of using

Any one large frame, single camera and LCD display? These questions will be answered by the editor Macdigger, which is iPhone XR for more than a month.

Reasons to buy XR there were two: the desire to get a quality upgrade from the iPhone 6s and the relative availability of the new smartphone. XR is more than 10 thousand rubles cheaper than the most simple iPhone XS, and when comparing features and after watching dozens of reviews on new arguments in favor of overpaying for a more expensive XS is simply not found. New colors and larger screen size were more of a nice bonus than the main reason for the purchase.

Of the minuses – the size of the device. Smartphone impossible to operate with one hand, it is quite heavy and thick, especially when using cover. The framework, which users are saying since the presentation device 12 September 2018, absolutely not spoil the impression: it is enough five minutes of using XR to stop to notice them.

Now on to the pros. First, this battery: the device holds more than 12 hours charge at a constant working mode of modem and the use of social networks and messengers. iPhone 6s, for example, in such conditions it is aged for only 3 hours. The screen, despite similar characteristics, it looks a little better and the glass on the touch nicer. The greatest strength of the phone was the camera: it makes much better pictures with more sharpness and detail.

It is interesting to note that the portrait mode on the iPhone XR, wrote the journalists of various editions, allows you to shoot only people. In practice, the blur effect is almost always when shooting at any object or animal, not just humans. Another question is whether the same quality is obtained the as on XS.

Overall, XR is a quality product, fully justifying the means. Its minutes, which are written in blogs, in practice, become pros. Brushed aluminium side frame, unlike steel, doesn’t scratch or get dirty, the LCD takes less power than OLED, image quality still remains high. Even the large size are a plus, because the smartphone lies in the hand like a glove, and dropping it quite difficult is always to seize.

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Clifton Nichols

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