The second beta version of iOS 12.1 Apple has fixed the bug which did not charge iPhone and iPad

Today, 2 October, Apple released the second beta of iOS 12.1. Users who have installed it reported that the company has corrected the problems with charging the iPhone and iPad, which were observed on some devices with iOS 12.

After the start of sales of the iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max, the owners of the new devices reported problems with charging. Smartphones are not charging with Lightning cable connected. To the charging started, I had to unlock the screen or to reconnect the wire.

Editor for iMore, Rene Ritchie, who made the second beta of iOS 12.1, said that in the new firmware, the company fixed the mistake.

Today’s iOS 12.1 beta includes a fix for the charging issue some people were experiencing with the iPhone and iPad.

With it, no more delay or uncertainty about charging. You’ll be back to just plugging it in and getting power.

(Pretty much what I said in my video yesterday.)

— Rene Ritchie (@reneritchie) October 2, 2018.

After reports of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, it turned out that the problem also applies to the old iPhone and iPad. Thus, failed to establish that it was a software bug and not hardware.

In iOS 12.1 added a group FaceTime calls, support for the eSIM in the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max and the function of changing the degree of blur of the background of a portrait in real time.

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