Top 5 gamepads for iOS devices to become the best player in Fortnite

Since the release of Fortnite on iOS in 2018, the game has become a phenomenon of mass culture and, literally, reset the “mobile gaming”.

Despite the fact that many people do not recognize the process of the game on mobile devices, preferring a full-fledged console, Fortnite enjoys quite a high demand. In September 2018 the developers from Epic Games said that every month in the battle Royale plays to 78.3 million. And this figure will increase with time.

Some players manage in a shooter on a touch screen may seem awkward, and to equalize the possibilities of the console and mobile gamers, the developers have announced that it will add support for Bluetooth controllers in the near future.

In this selection we have collected the top 5 controllers that help to achieve the best results in Fortnite and beyond.

SteelSeries Nimbus

Almost professional joystick resembling the Dualshock from PlayStation. This controller is specially designed for iOS devices. Thanks to buttons, pressure sensitive, at any action game on a smartphone can be the best. Nimbus works up to 40 hours from a full charge.

Price: 5300 roubles.

MOGA Rebel

According to the manufacturer, the controller supports more than 1000 games. In addition, advantages include ergonomic design, comfortable buttons, and a built-in holder for your phone.

Price: 3999 rubles.

Mad Catz C. T. R. L. I Mobile

C. T. R. L I is a full – size gaming controller with premium components and durable. Built-in Lightning cable and a special adapter allows you to connect your iOS device directly to the TV.

Also, this game controller supports multiplayer games. Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, to one iPhone or iPad you can connect up to 4 joysticks.

Price: 4790 roubles.

SteelSeries Stratus

This is the second game controller from SteelSeries in this collection. It has pressure sensitive buttons, through which you can control the game with precision. The joystick can work up to 10 hours on a full charge, so that your smartphone runs out of power sooner than a gamepad

Price: from 7590 rubles.

The GameVice Controller

Looks like a joy-Kona Nintendo Switch. Is a peripheral device contains all the controls you need to dominate the game. A definite plus is connected to the smartphone via the Lightning connector that allows to avoid delays, unlike Bluetooth.

Price: 5990 roubles.

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