Top 5 “unbreakable” Lightning cables

Many owners of Apple gadgets complain about “stingy” packaging device in comparison with the products of competing companies. So, for example, despite the support of fast charging kit iPhone XS comes with a power adapter 5 W, and the Lightning cables from Apple are very easily damaged.

Problems the bundled Lightning cable, which after a couple months of use becomes unfit for use faced every owner of gadgets from the Corporation from Cupertino. It seems that the only “eternal” thing in the scope of delivery can only be considered the stickers with the Apple logo.

Recently, when unpacking a new iPhone I thought about the fact that over the past few years, nothing out of the box except the phone itself was lacking. Instead of a complete headphones used different models of Beats, now mostly AirPods. The power adapter from the iPad at 10 watts is enough, but Lighning cable use from Native Union.

In this article we have gathered top 5 Lightning cables from third-party manufacturers that will last longer than a complete from Apple.

Moshi Integra

Incredibly durable cable made of durable Kevlar, and a braid of ballistic nylon won’t for several years. Tips are made of anodized aluminum. The package includes a strap ā€“ HandyStrap.

Price: from 1 890 rubles.

Fuse Chicken Titan

The uniqueness of this cable lies in its double braided, from flexible and high tensile steel. In other words ā€“ before Apple refuses to Lightning port in their gadgets than the cable fails. In addition, Fuse Chicken Titan has been certified by MFI.

Price: 2 290 rubles.

Baseus Golden Belt Cable

This budget model has a nylon braid, which provides high strength and durability of the cable, and the special design of the connectors will protect them from fractures.

Price: 629 roubles.

Native Union NIGHT

The cable is made of high quality materials and has a nylon braid, thanks to which less wear and tangling. The uniqueness of this model in the weight of the “coiled coil”, through which the cable does not slip with pedestals or table when the smartphone is not connected to it.

Price: 3 690 rubles.

Anker PowerLine+ II Lightning

Braided cable made of durable nylon, under which is the protective layer of TPU and a shielding made of aluminum.

Price: 1 690 rubles.

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