Uber new rule: the longer you wait – the less you pay

Uber will help users more economical to take a taxi. Now, with demand high, the service will offer a little bit wait for price to fall – according to 9to5Mac.

Now for the same distance can take quite different amounts – it all depends on the time of day and demand on the machine. Of course, many users do not like it: hardly anyone wants to do the usual route cost 200 rubles to give all 600.

Guide Uber decided to go to meet the users and is now testing a new feature. Soon when you order travel for the period of high demand will appear in the special window. It will be offered to wait – much less than is now necessary – price to fall. Of course, the client may refuse to order a taxi without waiting for a cost reduction.

Apparently, innovation was a secret, but an employee of Uber, not knowing it, accidentally told the world about it. He leaked screenshot of the application with the same window – it is suggested to wait for four minutes and a taxi cost 8.15 USD instead of 10.18.

As a result, Uber representatives had to confirm the ongoing testing of fresh functions. Very soon users will be able to spend on a taxi is a little less money than usual.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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