Users were satisfied with the design of the iPhone 7 in the style of the iPod Touch

Alleged photos of the iPhone 7, which were not to the liking of many of you, were quite welcomed by the Western audience, claim the journalists 9To5. Colleagues conducted a plebiscite showed that the vast majority of respondents design of the flagship at least does not cause rejection and even like them. Moreover, similar to iPod Touch 5 format of “Apple” smartphone has long been predicted.

According to the survey, which involved over 10,000 people, slightly less than half of them called the appearance of the iPhone 7 “about the same”, alluding to the obvious similarity with the iPhone 6 and 6s. A third interviewee noted that the new design definitely like them much more than before, and 20% responded strictly positive, calling the case more solid.

The remaining 6% were not in favor of updates, expressing the view that redesign redesign just for the sake of principle, bordering on immaturity and not any Apple. However, some felt that the appearance of the smartphone is not so important, as opposed to new productive functions and toppings.

Image: iPhone 7, with a light feeding of journalists spread Nowhere Else on the Internet, aroused great interest worldwide users, forcing many to ask a reasonable question: whence the French have real drawings?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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