Volkswagen has added support for the commands in the Siri app to control the car

The next step Volkswagen in strengthening relations with Apple was to support the commands Siri for the application of VW Car-Net. Users of iOS devices can now use the voice assistant to unlock your car, check mileage, fuel level or charge in the car and turn on the emergency signals.

The owners of Volkswagen vehicles can use Siri to start and stop the charging process of an electric vehicle or turn on the heater. They can also set a certain temperature in the car and determine its location.

App Car-Net is not free for owners of Volkswagen cars. It is sold on a monthly subscription. With it, vehicle owners can accurately determine the location of your car and remotely access the diagnostic data.

Use “Siri Commands” will help users to customize vehicle functions under their daily tasks. For example, people in cities with cold climates will be able to remotely turn on the defroster in the car and set the interior temperature.

So far we have not seen anything much impressive in the “Commands Siri”, but such opportunities are given to understand that they can make our lives easier.

It should be noted that Amazon is also working to integrate his assistant Alexa in the car. The company works directly with car manufacturers such as Ford, to install the assistant in the vehicle. Apple needs to play the lead in this market, and to do everything to command Siri was really popular among users.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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