What happened to Apple in the second fiscal quarter of 2016

Tonight held another conference call, where Apple CEO Tim cook and CFO Luca Maestri has summed up the work of technology giant for the second fiscal quarter of 2016, which includes the first three months of this year. By tradition, we publish the main outcome of the event, which you can see on the way to work or school.

Financial performance:

  • Revenue of 50.6 billion for the same period in 2015 — 58,01 billion)
  • Net profit of 10.5 billion dollars (in 2015 — 13,6 billion dollars)
  • The earnings per share of 1.90 dollar (last year — 2.33 USD)
  • Free money — about $ 233 billion (against 193 billion a year earlier)


  • iPhone — 51.2 million devices in 2015 — 61,17 million)
  • iPad — 10.2 million devices in 2015 — 12.6 million)
  • Mac — 4 million computers (in 2015 — 4.56 million)
  • iPod — data not presented
  • Apple Watch — data not presented

Dynamics of growth and decline of Apple’s revenue:

What earns Apple?

Apple Services:

  • Revenues with Apple services $ 6 billion (5 billion a year earlier)
  • Sales of iPod, Apple TV and accessories brought Apple about $ 2.2 billion (1.68 billion last year
  • Apple Music 13 million subscribers

Interesting facts and allegations:

  • Services now bring Apple more money than Mac sales
  • This is the first decline in revenue since 2003
  • Apple Watch sells better than the iPhone for the first year
  • Over the past year, Apple acquired 15 companies
  • iPhone SE was not included in the current financial report due to late start
  • The number of apps for Apple TV exceeded 4 000
  • Much attention Apple pays India
  • Tim cook said that iPhone SE is in great demand
  • Apple continues its program to repurchase stock

Although this is the first decline in revenue since 2003, she still somehow managed to increase its cash reserve. Yes and if you look at sales, the drop is not that big to sound the alarm. On the contrary, it is quite understandable — in the past quarter Apple has not provided new products, the results of which would fall into today’s report. So far the forecast for the next quarter was also disappointing, but if everything goes smoothly with the iPhone 7, the Corporation will quickly return to its past performance.

Apple shares after these results fell by almost eight percent. Well, a great opportunity to acquire securities of the company.

To compare the current results with Apple from last quarter, you can on our website.

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