What is the main feature of the iPhone XR. And what was his deal with Galaxy S9

Paul Gorodnitsky – about how Apple mocks the market.

In September, I watched the Apple presentation and naturally freaked out. Irritated lean iPhone XS, Max XS disappoint pricey, but most of all resented frankly weak iPhone XR.

We must admit that Tim cook and Phil Schiller introduced the model is absolutely not alluring, and even asexual. They never explained why people need to take the XR instead of the old X. Men simply stated: “ten” we’ll kick the cold, and her place in the line is the unit with LCD screen. Basta.

I rarely talk in terms of “That would be alive Steve jobs!”, but in September I visited such thoughts. Incredibly curious, as if the founder of Apple, described the new XR and what is emphasized during the presentation. After all, if you only look at the picture and features, come some cons: average screen, wide frame, fat case, only one camera…Stop!

The only module is the most important feature iPhone XR. Most likely, jobs would speak from the stage about how gorgeous the footage gives a lonely but cool lens. And what Grand, magical, remarkable progress has made Apple instant software processing.

Current marketers also thought of this idea, though not immediately. If event users just hinted that the XR takes not worse tops as soon as a new 6.1-inch smartphone went on sale, start advertising campaigns across all social media and just plays with the camera.

For example, in Twitter I have repeatedly shown the XR is strictly in the context of a single camera. In this promotional praised the depth, sharpness, quality and other advantages of a single module. Similar story with native advertising. Recently on “Medusa” was released a lot of material about the five most useful photographic options in iPhone XR – of course, there are also broadcast a thought about the advantages of one lens.

It turns out, Apple very first introduced the trend on the dual cameras, and now (only two years) has convinced us that the additional module is optional. As a successful experiment? Let’s find out. Below – a few thoughts on the subject:

1. It’s hard to say whether successful XR. Insiders claim that the model does not meet expectations, so Apple is cutting production. The same idea suggests the return of iPhone X: it’s not in the official Store, but again released. However, Vice President of marketing Greg Joswiak says that the XR is sold at a record pace – in short, all confused. If we take the experience of the owners and journalists, they clear: the phone is very nice and pleasant, though thick. Camera – top, power and autonomy is also excellent. The people are happy.

2. Samsung Galaxy S9 is also one camera, but he’s totally overI – this is the worst flagship of the Koreans over the last five years. What is the reason? First, in a boring design that has already been used in S8. Second, Samsung got greedy and S9 has not given any categorical features. A simple example: XR is expensive and with only one camera, but attracts buyers with a fat battery. And in S9 and camera one, and the case boring, and keeps this machine is extremely mediocre – worse than all the flagships in 2019. So Koreans need to draw conclusions and again to learn from Apple.

3. Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about what the iPhone 2019 will be three cameras, one Huawei. At first I also thought it was obvious, but now I’m inclined to think that cook and his team will not go beyond the dual module. They have enough of this set to give the best result on the market. And triple, and even quadruple camera will let Asians who are convinced that the more holes, the better the pictures. iPhone XR has already shown that it is not. Now let’s see how the mission will be released the new autumn models are really very interesting.

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