What to expect from the AirPods 2? Features, specifications, price

Apple introduced the AirPods wireless earphone together with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in 2016. Despite the fact that many were skeptical of the new product, the headphones are the biggest selling gadget of the company, and many buyers are waiting for the second generation.

The company from Cupertino managed setserial 2 AirPods on iPhone 2018 and maybe Apple will release a second generation later this month. We have collected all the rumors about what innovations can get the updated headphones.

  • We have previously written about that in the video clip in the style of “Mission impossible”, the girl turned to the voice assistant saying “Hey, Siri.” The current generation of headphones can’t use voice dictation without double-tapping on the earpiece. This function will be the main feature of the updated AirPods.
  • Unfortunately, Apple did not provided 2 AirPods. It is likely that the company will hold another event at which to announce a variety of new products ā€“ frameless iPad with Face ID, the updated MacBook, Mac mini, AirPower and headphones second generation.

  • Based on the video, it can be concluded that design 2 AirPods will not change, but can be a Corporation from Cupertino will release a new model in several colors.
  • During the presentation of iPhone X Apple showed wireless charging station AirPower and announced the release of a special case for AirPods with support for Qi. That means the updated headphones can be recharged without wires. They also will install more power-efficient chip W2, used in the Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4.
  • Publisher Bloomberg has repeatedly stated that the AirPods 2 will be better protected from moisture and dust and will improve noise reduction. Good performance of noise reduction can be achieved using chip W2.
  • AirPods equipped with a great number of sensors, but in contrast to the proposals of other manufacturers can’t measure the heart rate. Perhaps in the new headphones are special sensors that monitor the health.
  • Despite the relatively high cost of AirPods has long been in short supply. Most likely the price of the new generation will be the same ā€“ 159 USD.
  • October has already begun and is likely in the next couple of weeks the company will announce new products.

    And what innovations are waiting for you from 2 AirPods? Share your opinion in the comments.

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