What’s in my iPhone file Manager for Documents

Edition MacDigger shares useful and interesting application that will appeal a lot to users.

Fans of Android iOS is often criticized due to the lack of a full-fledged file Manager. Now these claims are meaningless, because there are Documents.

I often use this file Manager to view PDF and Microsoft Office documents, and sometimes to download files. This is only a small part of what he knows. But about all under the order.

Primarily Documents attracts a simple interface. The first time you use do not even think that behind all this there lies a huge functionality. The app does not show the user all the possibilities, and this is very important. Otherwise, one might think that the program is complex and few people would want to spend time learning all of its functions.

Documents supports all the popular formats of images and videos, PDF, application files from Microsoft Office, MP3, FLAC, RAR and ZIP archives, books in Epub and Fb2.

When you open the app it shows the “Documents” tab. There are files that are stored on the iPhone. Is photos, downloaded music, files, iTunes, and iCloud Drive. There is also a “Downloads” folder. It stores files that have been downloaded from the Internet. Download them using the built-in browser.

On the services tab, you can log into cloud services and connect to WebDAV and FTP servers. Documents has full access to cloud storage, so it will fit as an alternative to the official apps. All files can be moved between cloud storage and internal storage iPhone.

Documents works fine with PDF files. You can choose to display the document, background color and brightness of the display. For marks there are several options for allocation using a token.

File Manager can replace the reader. In the books supported content. For best display you can change the background color, size and font type. The only disadvantage — you cannot make notes.

The app has an integrated music player that can play FLAC. During playback, you can mix tracks, see list of compositions to increase or decrease the speed of the song and also rewind the track.

In Documents there is a tab “add-on”, there are encouraged to try other programs Readdle, which perfectly interact with Documents. The app itself is completely free, there are versions for iPhone and iPad.

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