What’s the first thing you need to configure on new Mac

macOS is a pretty simple system, but it also there are weird functions that immediately want to disable. We found the three most annoying features and tell how to shut it off.

Open file after downloading

By default, Safari opens file after download. This feature extends to almost all files, including PDF documents, images, videos and archives.

If you frequently download files, it is unlikely to draw attention to themselves. But if every day you have to upload many different files, this function will begin to enrage.

You can disable it in Safari preferences. In the menu bar, click Safari → Preferences (a combination ⌘ + ,). In the “basics” section, it is necessary to remove the tick from “Open “safe” files after downloading”.

To configure the multimedia buttons

Starting with macOS High Sierra, the multimedia buttons control not only iTunes. They are also responsible for content management on YouTube and other sites with the player.

This often reminds himself. Usually this happens in those moments when I want to turn the music on and activated the player on YouTube.

Using standard settings to change the behavior of buttons is impossible. But it can be done using a utility BeardedSpice. After installing it will prevent the multimedia buttons to control any player, except one. Supports iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, VK and “Yandex.Music”.

The keyboard layout

Very narrow point, but it needs to be mentioned. The fact that the standard layout is not very convenient, so many people use on macOS layout Windows. But it is not perfect.

Always advise everyone to download and install the keyboard layout by Ilya Birman. It is good that sharpened for quick access to different characters. The correct quotation marks and dashes, degree show, arrow is just a small list that supports the layout of the Birman.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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