Why iPad mini is still too early to dismiss

The fourth and currently the last generation iPad mini was presented in 2015. Since then, compact the tablets Apple has not received any full updates, not counting new versions of iOS. And in vain — against the fashion for huge smartphones, a 7.9-inch device continues to remain one of the attractive Apple products.

Not a competitor to the Plus-versions of the iPhone

In fact new iPhone models, starting with the 5.5-inch 6 Plus and ending with the just released Max XS with a screen diagonal of six and a half inches, put a cross on the family iPad mini. For its size, these mobile devices are questionable, the practicality of buying a tablet, the screen is only slightly bigger.

However, as practice shows and personal experience, even one or two extra inches display can play an important role in the use of the device. the iPad mini is more convenient for playing games and watching movies, and for its display due to the large size of the wins compared to the iPhone Plus any model. New Apple smartphones in their characteristics make all the user to be able to use one device for all their classes, from work to leisure, but perhaps the company thinks that such a decision translates to overload devices with unnecessary files and programs and increasing the frequency of their use. This causes premature wear and reduced service life of the device.

Given the larger size of the iPad mini’s display, this tablet could be the perfect gadget for work, study and entertainment, while iPhone as a mobile phone might be exclusively designed for instant messengers, Internet surfing and phone calls.

The processor is the main drawback

In the fourth-generation iPad mini is set A8 processor. In 2018, its capacity is obviously not enough: if the brake is not so noticeable, the transitions from one application to another are quite long. One of the few reasons why the iPad mini today — not the best buy among all Apple devices, this is low by today’s standards of performance. The processor should be upgraded first: on the usability will be affected more than the edge-to-edge display and a fully touch controls no Home button.

The uniqueness

Perhaps one of the main features of the iPad mini, which makes it perhaps the most interesting device from Apple — is its uniqueness. The tablet is not so expensive as a new iPhone, not as big and bulky as the iPad classic or iPad Pro. The works can fit in a small bag or even coat pocket, it is easy to watch a movie during the trip on the subway and at home in your favorite chair — this is possible due to the large (compared to the iPhone) screen, and owing to the lesser weight and dimensions, to make it even better than other versions of the iPad.

Apple only deprives itself of the user, leaving such a device without updating, gradually transforming it into discontinued a few years ago iPod Classic: another breakthrough product that attracted at the time, millions of new users through marketing, relying on size and category iPhone, sooner or later, despite all its potential, also will go into oblivion.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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