Why is the glass in the iPhone is evil

New iPhone XS and XR continue the style of iPhone X using glass on the back. Despite all the arguments of Apple, we’ve gathered three reasons why this decision is one of the most unfortunate for the company over the past few years.

For the first time the glass in the iPhone has appeared in four, but then it was more of a design course and a way to stand out in the market among other devices due to the unusual appearance of the smartphone. Then the glass is back – in iPhone 8, with a pompous note that now the device supports wireless charging with the help of AirPower, the release of which did not take place either in 2017 or in 2018. Why do we need glass for wireless charging and the fee for him, if we charge it anyway the old fashioned way?

So, the first reason we don’t like glass in the iPhone is its meaninglessness: Apple just made more expensive to manufacture and more fragile, the practical use of which – wireless charging – just no. Of course, you can turn to third parties, e.g. Google, but is it worth it to upset the Apple ecosystem, so carefully considered by the company to its users?If earlier we were afraid to break the iPhone screen, now is the chance to go to the service center became twice – and without the pointless use of glass on the back panel doubles the risk of breaking the smartphone after the first drop.

On the one hand, it could be called a competent move of the company from the point of view of the economy: people will be more likely to apply to Apple stores and spend tens of thousands of rubles to replace glass in iPhone X and newer. But Tim cook and his team contradict themselves: if they want people to use the iPhone for a few years, then maybe it would be worth, apart from the technical aspect, to make more reliable and the device, not turning it into a fragile piece of glass in his hand?

Finally, the third reason is the constant pollution. Wear the iPhone without a case now not only unsafe – it can be broken the first time when he landed wrong – but aesthetically unpleasant, because the glass will always be stains or fingerprints. This is especially true for black iPhone XS and XR, which get dirty instantly. Another way to enrich the capital of the company? Possible, because this indirectly increases the demand for holsters, safety glasses and protectors and other accessories to protect smartphones. But that’s the beauty of a matte black iPhone 7, who was not afraid of anything, I guess I’ll have to forget forever.

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Clifton Nichols

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