11 apps that need the first thing to install on Mac

The Verge has gathered a selection of the most important software for macOS. Given an adapted version of the list.

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography

A set of applications for processing and storing images ā€” Lightroom, Lightroom Classic Photoshop. This is a professional software from Adobe that has become the standard in the creative sector.

Price ā€” from 644 rubles/month.

Subscribe and download at the Adobe website.


Advanced search string to replace the default Spotlight. This utility is faster and offers more features and also supports custom scripts.

The program is free, advanced features will cost 23 pound (~2,000).

Download on the project website.

Bear Notes

Elegant somatocyst with support for Markdown markup tags and syntax highlighting for over 20 programming languages.

The free version isn’t there, additional export options and theme. The subscription will cost 99 rubles/month or 999 rubles/year.

Download in the Mac App Store.

DeliveriesProgram to track parcels by tracking number. Conveniently displays the location of the orders and displays the panel with all the relevant parcels.

Buy for 379 rubles in the Mac App Store.

Gif Brewery 3Simple and easy editor GIF images. The program allows you to quickly create looped videos, as well as monitor their quality and size. Besides, the application is free.

Download in the Mac App Store.

MoommacOS lacks the same convenient window management like in Windows. It’s up to third-party applications. Moom is the most affordable and convenient of them. The program allows you to scale applications and carefully to combine them on a single screen.

Buy for 749 rubles in the Mac App Store.

Paprika 3

The recipe Manager for your computer. Supports exporting recipes of other services, and can make weekly meal plans and enter the data into the calendar.

To purchase over 2290 rubles in the Mac App Store.

Pixelmator Pro

A good alternative to Photoshop advanced editing RAW photos, filters, layers, and functions on the basis of AI.

Buy for 2990 rubles in the Mac App Store.

Tooth Fairy

Small utility for easy connection of Bluetooth devices. Allows to save several clicks and displays the menu-bar icon for quick connection to a device.

Buy for 229 rubles in the Mac App Store.

TrashMeProgram for the complete removal of files from the computer. Allows you to clear the system from debris softverove and quickly uninstall any application, Supplement or extension.

Buy for 379 rubles in the Mac App Store.


The universal environment for running operating programs and services from Gmail to Asana, Office 365 and Trello. In fact, it is web window, saving time in switching between tabs. The program is free, access to all third-party integrations will cost $ 20/year (~1300 rubles/year).

Download on the project website.

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