What to give the Apple fan who has everything

In addition to the gadgets made by Apple, there are many accessories and other products, which will please fans of the brand. Tell that besides equipment, you can give to a fan of the Corporation from Cupertino.

The main thing not gift, and attention

After a couple of days New year will come, and if you haven’t decided the gifts to your loved ones, but are sure that these things must be somehow affiliated with Apple, then you should look at the following products. They will make a special impression on any fan of the company, despite the fact that some of them are cheaper than the iPhone case.

Twelve South Mac Inspire Candle

Scented candle with the smell of a new MacBook from a well-known manufacturer of accessories for Apple sure to appeal to any fan of the Corporation from Cupertino. The creation of this product team the Twelve South was inspired by Steve jobs. In the description of the candles they even give him a quote: “In the process of creating something with a lot of care and love, something is transmitted this creation, and it is a way to Express … our deep appreciation.”

Inspire Mac Candle combines the aromas of bergamot, amber, musk and tarragon.

Ceramic vessel made in the style of Apple, and the burning time can reach 70 hours.

Price: 1 790 rubles.

Pillows from Throwboy

Any of a series of products, which managed to raise the initial capital on Kickstarter will be a great gift for Apple fans. The company is engaged in the manufacture of soft pillows in the form of computers Apple II, Macintosh, iMac G3, the iPod and the iPhone.

Price: 1 740 rubles.

“Steve Jobs”

Biography of Steve jobs written by Walter Isaacson ā€” this is something that should be in every lover of Apple technology. Remember the first day of global sales stood in line for the book about 6 hours, but it was worth it. And the excitement was exactly to the English version.

Price: from 620 rubles.

Ember Ceramic Mug

Ceramic Cup with the possibility of maintaining the desired temperature of the drink. Special app for iOS allows you to connect to via Bluetooth and a mug to cool the liquid to the optimum value. It is also possible to adjust the indication at the bottom of the Cup.

Price: 5 600 rubles.

ITunes gift cards and App Store

As you know, for quality apps, games, music and movies for iOS devices have to pay, so card iTunes ā€” also a great gift for the owner of the gadget from Apple.

Price: from 500 roubles.

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