6 tips that will help look at the new Google Maps

Google Maps is a great tool for navigating unfamiliar terrain. In addition to finding new places, the service will help in travel planning and recreation. We’ve compiled six useful tips that will help maximize the use of map service from the Corporation for good.

Our advice for users of the service on iOS and Android, with their help you will learn how to use the card to the maximum. “Offline maps”, “Lists” and “Sets” will help in planning future travel, and the tool “What’s next” can become your guide in any new place.

Offline maps

In the journey to new countries mobile Internet is one of the main problems. To continue to navigate the new terrain — pre-load maps for offline access so they can work without an Internet connection. Download the map of the desired city in the section “Offline maps”, click “Choose map” and click the manual section that you want to download.


“Your place” — one of the little known features of Google Maps. With this tool you can create bookmarks for all the places and attractions that you would like to visit during the journey. Save locations in two ways: using the menu “Your place” — go to “Saved” and manually add the location either directly on the map to select an interesting place, and then on his information card click “Save”.


A function of “Your place”, unfortunately, does not provide interoperability with other users. In order to eliminate this disadvantage there is the tool “Selection”. Miniature collections appears after clicking on the “Share” button. Create a stack with a list of places you plan to visit in the journey and send all the participants, who plans to accompany you during the trip.

What’s next

The function “What’s next” helps in a new and unfamiliar place. You no longer need the guide or the guide. To see the most interesting places and sights in current location — open the curtain “What’s next” swipe from the bottom edge of the screen. This tool works based on your preferences, history of places visited and expert advice.

Preferences in food and beverages

For a more accurate operation of the function “next” you can set your preferences in food and drinks based on them, Google Maps will generate the list of interesting places. Go to Settings, then go to “Food and drink: preferences”.


Another interesting feature from Google maps is the Chronology. This service remembers all the places visited and routes and presents them in a user-friendly interface with the ability detailed view.

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