7 main problems of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Announced in early August a flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will go on sale in Russia in late September or in October. Novelty can boast of a waterproof housing, a “smart” stylus, a retinal scanner and a high-quality display protected by the latest Gorilla glass 5. Although the South Korean giant is confident in the success of new products, some analysts disagree with that because, despite its novelty and the number of unique chips, the main competitor of the iPhone 7 has a number of serious shortcomings.

Video blogger under the nickname OT4Tech one of the first ordered a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. According to him, he had high expectations from the smartphone, but they did not materialize.

1. Weak battery life

A new generation of devices Galaxy Note is equipped with a battery capacity of 3500 mAh. For comparison, the Galaxy S7 Edge is powered by the battery at 3600 mAh. According to OT4Tech, on a good day the battery of the device provides from 4 to 4.5 hours in active mode. Even if you only use Wi-Fi without connecting to cellular networks, the battery life will not exceed 5-5.5 hours.

2. Scratched glass

The company is positioning Corning Gorilla glass 5 used in the Galaxy Note 7 as the most durable in the world, able to survive a fall from a height of over five feet. However, such “vitality” is not good effect on scratch resistance. Display Galaxy Note 7 is subject to fading and scratches.

After a series of tests on the phone was quite marked. And if any of the other tested smartphones were not scratched up to level 6 on the Mohs scale of hardness, the markings on the glass Galaxy Note 7 appears on the 3 level of hardness.

3. Always dirty case

Glass case Galaxy Note 7 is very soiled: just a couple of minutes to hold the device in hand, it is completely messy. Every touch will leave on the device ugly label. But how to make the glass shiny and nepaklausigie at the same time, engineers have not yet invented and justified only groothusen coating, through which the fingerprints of at least can be cleaned.

4. Overheating

Using the Galaxy Note 7 is accompanied by strong heating of the case. The glass envelope of the device are also unable to effectively dissipate heat like aluminum case iPhone. Often the gadget is heated to such temperatures that the side metal edges cannot touch. If the temperature outside is above 20 degrees, to use the device simply is not convenient. It is noteworthy that overheating cause not only games, but also everyday tasks.

5. The lag in the interface

Samsung have not managed to solve the problem with the smooth operation of the interface. Often when working with applications in Galaxy Note 7 felt unpleasant delay. Maybe it’s hardware: Galaxy Note 7, was submitted almost six months after the debut of the S7 family, offered all the same iron. It is the same chip Exynos 8 Octa 8890 (frequency saved: 4 core Exynos M1 Mangoose at 2.3 GHz and 4 cores Cortex-A53 1.6 GHz (or Snapdragon 820 for a number of markets) and similar RAM (4GB). But perhaps the case in the shell TouchWiz, as in the Nexus 6p such there was no lag, notes OT4Tech. “It lags like crazy,” says the blogger. Samsung smartphone for $1000, which works like a device worth $700 or even $500 is wrong.”

6. The edge screen

Use the vaunted edge screen is not as convenient as says Samsung. First, due to the fact that the edges of the smartphone have fillets, stylus and then hurt for them, so take notes by hand are not too comfortable. In addition, the body with a curved display is symmetrical. Therefore, every time getting the Galaxy Note 7 out of pocket, you are unable to determine by touch the right side and has to constantly to fiddle with.

7. The TouchWiz Interface

TouchWiz is still worse than the standard Android. Google works thoroughly on every aspect of the operating system, examines the views of users and making the interface more user-friendly. In addition to intricate settings menu Samsung TouchWiz stripped of many useful features the stock OS is, like a quick adjustment of screen brightness in the notification Center. The user has to do more steps in order to perform certain actions.

Galaxy Note 7 is sometimes like a remote control space ship: you instinctively feel equipped, are you absolutely sure that the modern technology — that they are in your hands, but how and what works here — at first glance completely incomprehensible. Half of the functions passes by, because of the number of settings and options run up the eyes, to understand the move hard, and TouchWiz makes everything possible to hinder you. From year to year shell for Samsung criticized for the same shortcomings, and it’s getting better, but still inferior to “pure” Android.

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