Analysts at Citigroup forecast another decline in sales of the iPhone

Analytical Agency Citigroup predicts a reduction in the production of a new iPhone. As a consequence, will reduce the volumes and device sales. Such a decision can be made by Apple on the background of low demand for XS, Max XS and XR.

Citigroup analysts published a new report in which experts predict a significant reduction in the production of the new iPhone XS, Max XS and XR. This happens in the first quarter of 2019. The reason for the decline in production volumes, deliveries and, as a result, sales have been unexpectedly low demand for the new smartphones Apple.

According to experts, in the fourth quarter Apple sells 72 million mobile devices. This number is five million less than in the same period of 2017. Also, in comparison with the previous year, the volume of iPhone sales was reduced by approximately 20 million: from 139 to 119 million devices in 12 months. For this reason, in the period from January to March, 2019 Apple 48 percent will reduce production of the iPhone XS Max. How much will be reduced by the implementation of other iPhone models, is still unknown.

Analysts also said that the low sales are observed in the XR iPhone: three months it sold 45 million copies of this model, while an earlier Outlook of Citigroup’s sales level had to be about 50 million in the period from 26 October to late December.

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