Apple fans have proven their loyalty

One of the most important assets of Apple is the brand loyalty which have always shown the owners of its products. Recently fans of the company once again confirmed that I would not change it, the gadgets no matter what.

Sociological service YouGov conducted a survey in which iPhone owners were asked several questions, checking their loyalty to the brand Apple. The results showed that 27% of owners of the smartphone from Cupertino are brand Apple past five years and other brand do not intend to move. For comparison, only 11 percent of owners of phones Samsung remained loyal to this brand for five years.

9 out of 10 of respondents would recommend iPhone to my friends, while the Samsung this share was 77%. When talking about the prospect of switching to another brand, the majority of iPhone owners admitted that the main factor that would have to exchange your favorite gadget on a phone from another manufacturer, is in the Autonomous work of the battery.

Another important aspect was the price of the smartphone: 22% of respondents said that they are ready to abandon the iPhone if they find the phone, not inferior in specs, but with a more affordable price. By the way, do you still not think about switching to the products of other brands in light of recent economic trends?

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