Apple has acknowledged the iPhone 5 obsolete device

This week Apple has updated the list of legacy products. As of November 1, 2018 iPhone 5 is now classified as obsolete and out-of-use device in the world.

As you know, Apple supports the repair and service of products for a minimum of five years after the end of production. At the end of this period, the Corporation recognizes these products are obsolete and out of use.

The difference between these classifications mainly refers to California and Turkey, which require the limited support for certain products. This support should be available within two years after the device is recognized as “outdated” in other countries.

In this case, Turkey requirements do not apply to the iPhone 5. The regulations in Turkey extends to the iPad and Mac, but not on the iPhone. That’s why the iPhone 5 “outdated” worldwide, except the United States, where it is considered “end-of-life”, which corresponds to California law.

Apple regularly publishes a full list of obsolete products on its web site.

iPhone 5 was one of the most important smartphone release in Apple’s history. Starting from this model, the Corporation departed from the commandment of Steve jobs, which read that the ideal smartphone should fit in the hand and the display should be no more than 3.5 inches. “Five” became the first 4-inch iPhone and a huge push by Apple to increase the diagonals of the phones.

What do you think about iPhone 5? What memories do you have associated with it? Share in the comments.

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