Google overtook Apple and became the most expensive brand in the world

Google in 2017 became the most expensive brand, shifting from the first line of Apple. This is stated on the report of the research company Brand Finance. For 2016 the Google brand rose in price by almost a quarter and reached 109,47 billion.

According to analysts, the year the brand value of the search giant rose by $21.3 billion (+24%), reaching $109,47 billion At the same time, the Apple brand has lost in the price from $38,78 billion (-27%) and is estimated today at $107,141 billion.

Experts Brand Finance believe that this is due to the excessive exploitation of customers ‘ trust from the company. In addition, Apple is forced to compete today, not only with traditional rivals like Samsung, but also many Chinese brands.

Besides Apple, a serious decline in brand value experienced HP (–$11,65 billion), BT (–$6.96 billion), Vodafone (–$5,99 billion), Baidu (–$4.6 billion), and Ericsson (–$4.15 billion). In turn, the leaders of the rising cost of logged in to Amazon (+$of 36.75 billion), Facebook (+$28 billion), AT & T (+$27.1 billion) and Alibaba (+$16,99 billion).

Despite high growth rates, Amazon is still ranked the third place in ranking of most valuable brands with a valuation of $106.4 billion And that Microsoft, whose brand is valued at $76,265 billion, lost to the fourth place carrier AT&T, has risen in price by $27,11 billion (+45%).

In the sixth row is the South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung with a valuation of $66,23 billion (+13%).

As for the Russian companies in the top 500 were “Sberbank” (156), “Gazprom” (344-th place) and LUKOIL (375-e).

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