Apple has announced the official batteries for the iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max XR

Despite the fact that the release came out of nowhere, and Apple, it seems, had not even made the official announcement, to order cases for iPhone models 2018 right now in the online Apple store.

Silicone batteries Smart Battery Case available in black and white. As in previous versions, they have a characteristic hump, under which hides an extra battery. Accessories compatible with the chargers of the Qi standard, and support accessories with the Lightning connector. They can also be quickly recharged using the charger that supports USB Power Delivery. In addition, the iPhone and the case can be charged simultaneously.

Apple claims that using the batteries, users will be able to talk to 39 hours to use the Internet for 22 hours and play videos for 27 hours.

New Smart Battery Case stand 11 176 rubles and is already available for purchase in Russia.

Case for iPhone XS

Case for iPhone XS MAX

Case XR for iPhone

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