Video: New basketball sneakers Adapt Nike BB can be controlled using your iPhone

Nike introduced basketball sneakers Adapt BB with an advanced lacing system that can be controlled with your smartphone.

The hallmark of the Adapt BB, which Nike calls “the most advanced solution to date”, is that to manage the laces as you can manually using the physical buttons on the shoes and using the application on the smartphone.

When a basketball player wears them Adapt BB embedded in them are of irregular motor with trained mechanisms measures the voltage needed by the legs, and configured accordingly so that the foot tightly to the Shoe.

Of course, all new technologies require energy, that’s why they have to be recharged. According to Nike, with full battery shoes can be worn for up to 14 days. The bundled wireless pad for charging. It is clarified that 100% shoes charge within 3 hours.

With the help of mobile applications Adapt the players can during the game to enter the different settings for the laces as well as checking battery sneakers and change led colors.

A wireless connection will provide the Adapt BB support app updates, and therefore, additional improvements and new features in the future. Nike is already working on different settings of the tightness of the sneakers that NBA players will be able to choose and obtain at least the appearance.

Source: Nike

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