Apple is preparing Siri, which will work without Internet

Apple filed for a patent, according to which Siri will be able to work without Internet. For this the company wants to move all the modules to handle requests on iOS.

The patent is called “Offline personal assistant.” In it, Apple describes the mechanisms that should make it possible to work Siri without connecting to the Internet.

Instead of having to connect to the company’s servers, Apple offers to handle speech and text directly on the device. After hearing the request of the user, the smartphone will be able to identify a problem with the built-in language processing, and then execute it.

Apple engineers have developed a system of modules for processing requests that can run without Internet. The collection of modules includes components for speech synthesis, processing conversations, and convert the phonetic alphabet based on the built-in dictionary.

Depending on the recognized words and the structure of the query, independent Advisor can perform a number of tasks stored in the processing module task flow. Such commands include setting a timer or play a song stored on the device.

Apple also proposes to use machine learning to perform specific tasks, such as understanding the contextual information. This should make assistant useful with a limited amount of data on the device and lack of Internet access.

Not all Apple patents are reflected in the final product, but is a standalone Siri could be added to future versions of iOS. Last chips A-series include neural processor Neural Engine that support machine learning.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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