Apple sued for patent infringement when creating a dual camera iPhone

On Tuesday, October 9, the company from Cupertino has accused technology dual camera Apple used in smartphones starting with the iPhone 7 Plus, infringes the patent on the improvement of digital photos using different lenses and sensors.

Two Chinese inventor filed to Apple lawsuit in U.S. District court in the Northern district of California. Yanbing Yu and Zhang Junyang argue that the technology of using two cameras Apple violates a patent for their invention, developed in 1999.

In U.S. patent No. 6,611,289 about “Digital cameras using multiple sensors with multiple lenses” are described the ways of improving the quality of digital photos.

The patent, issued in 2003, describes methods of capturing several images with different lenses and sensor arrays. It describes a four-chamber is a mechanism that combines images obtained from monochrome sensors in one color image.

Also, at least five patent applications relate to the layout of the two lenses in which two cameras located in close proximity to capture individual sections of “intense images”. In this case, both sensor capable of receiving color images.

Yu and Zhang argue that models of Apple iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max violate this patent. All phones equipped with dual cameras with a wide angle and telephoto lenses used to create the portrait mode, portrait lighting and photo with the digital zoom.

Apple filed for its patent for a camera system with multiple sensors in 2008. In patent No. 8,115,825 “Electronic device with two image sensors” describes “many of the same features” as in the patent: “289”.

Apple was warned about intellectual property under the number “289” in 2011. But three months after the patent office rejected the application, Apple has contacted the patent examiner to discuss amendments to the claims, hoping to obtain approval. The next day the iPhone maker had filed a revised patent restrictions and amendments to existing claims, arguing that the modified application does not affect the patent “289”.

In addition, Apple has used patent technology “289” in the other application No. 8,681,250, which is a continuation of patent “825”.

The plaintiffs said that Apple has invested significant capital in the implementation of its technology with multiple sensors, while buying the Israeli company PrimeSense in 2013 and technology firm LinX Imaging in 2015. Despite these acquisitions, Apple did not seek to settle the dispute about the “289 patent” and has launched various models of the iPhone, being aware of the fact that the technology infringes on the intellectual property.

Yu and Zhang are hoping to get compensation and to settle patent disputes with Apple.

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