Apple watch Series 3 has been officially unveiled!

Apple introduced the third generation of its smart watch. The main thing about the gadget.

Since the launch of the second generation of smart hours Apple sales increased by 50% compared to last year. Watches have become the most popular in the world, ahead of Rolex and other manufacturers!

97% of buyers of the Apple Watch happy with purchase — people write letters to Tim cook about how watches helped them in life. Now the task of the company is to create a gadget that will be able to fix, but better is to double the success. And here is the solution — the Apple Watch Series 3.

Photo: The Verge

Apple Watch Series 3 — what’s new?

  • The mobile communication module LTE (uses a SIM card). Watch will iPhone a mini computer.
  • CPU: 2 cores, up to 70% faster (is faster Siri).
  • Coprocessor: W2 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for faster work. Wi-Fi is available in 85% faster.
  • New colors — Space Gray.
  • Added the altimeter.
  • The digital crown is red.

On sale: next month.

Rates: for the Series 3 without the communication module is asking $ 329, version with LTE is $ 399.


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