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Foxconn will identify faulty items iPhone with the help of artificial intelligence

Foxconn intends to increase the quality control of components produced for Apple’s gadgets, with the help of artificial intelligence. It is reported by news Agency Reuters.

Advanced technology was developed by former Google employee, Andrew Ng. He is an expert on computer training led several major projects and search giant Baidu. For example, in 2011, Andrew Ng has created the Google Brain that can recognize cats in YouTube videos.

Using the technique Foxconn will be able …


It is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will present in February

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Samsung plans to announce a flagship smartphone Galaxy Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in February 2018.

If this is true, it will be one of the earliest announcements of the Samsung flagships. As a rule, the company represents the flagship smartphone in March, and on sale they arrive in April. If Galaxy S9 will be announced in February, in sale it should arrive in March 2018.

According to rumors, the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will be similar to the …


In the Apple Podcasts will appear in the statistics of listening to podcasts

At WWDC in June, Apple talked about their plans for the Apple Podcasts app. The company was going to add the ability to view the statistics of listening to podcasts. Today, December 15, there was a beta version of the new features.

Historically the statistics of listening to podcasts in the Apple Podcasts is not very informative. Authors can track downloads, but it remains unclear how many listeners from the podcast, and how long they listened to him. And the information they need. One …


11.2.1 iOS has not fixed the bug with emoji

Apple has recently released iTunes 11.2.1, which fixed some bugs, but the problem with emoji when sending messages, have not been eliminated.

Macrumors reported that the bug occurs as follows: when a user creates a new conversation in the Messages app, and sends as the first message a smiley face, he is not sent. Moreover, failure sending emoji provokes the disappearance of the interface in the top menu.

To solve the problem that occurs due to a failure of the program, the user …


Face ID Touch ID is faster

After the presentation of iPhone X many doubted that Face ID will work as fast as Touch ID. Bloggers that received the iPhone X for the review, checked the facial recognition system.

Setting up authentication Face ID.

To configure Touch ID, you need some time to pin the finger to the sensor to the smartphone was able to identify the owner.

Face ID stores the user’s face, literally, with a couple of head turns. Until the owner moves her head, TrueDepth camera captures an image at …


13 facts that we learned from the first reviews of the iPhone X

Paul Gorodnitsky meticulously studied all of the Express texts of the new Apple and formulated key insights.

Disclaimer: Apple has given phones only approximate journalists, so nuclear critics in their materials not and could not be. It is not only good manners, but also a reasonable approach – if you criticize the novelty, you can say goodbye to the “white list” of the company from Cupertino.

Accordingly, all of impartial reviews iPhone X will come out after November 3.

And …


Familiarity with iPhone X on Macdigger

The evening of October 31 edition Macdigger boasted that we were able to global sales start to get the long-awaited iPhone X. Now we are ready to tell about this device is something interesting.

But first, you, dear readers. In the morning, after a sleepless night with a smartphone, we wiped the blood from his eye, speaking from the beyond literacy reviews reluctantly put aside the iPhone X and are willing to tell.

How to use Apple Pay? Do I have to press the button before it


Comparing the iPhone’s camera X and previous iPhone models

On the test surveys, prepared by the portal Mashable, great technological progress can be traced in the work of the Apple with the cameras of their devices.

For many iPhone today is better than a camera. First and foremost, this is due to the compactness of the smartphone. And no need to carry additional gadgets for shooting, because the phone everyone is always at hand.

Some experts believe that with the right camera settings, and special applications, you can achieve similar with …

Apple has released iOS 11.1 0

Apple has released iOS 11.1

Apple released the first major update for the iOS platform 11. Devices supporting the new operating system can be updated to iOS 11.1.

For most users, the most noticeable part of the update will be the emergence of new Emoji. In the description of the update States that they added more than 70 pieces. In addition, Apple returned to the access Manager application by clicking on the edge of the 3D Touch screen. Was corrected inaccuracies in the geolocation with third-party GPS gadget and …