Choosing the best cloud service

This article will not dry figures, direct comparison of tariffs and the winner. Instead, I will talk about the pros and cons of each service and share his experience.


I have often heard the opinion that Dropbox is the best cloud service, so the first thing I decided to study it.

Immediately the cons. The free rate is available 2 GB in personal files. To me this place enough, but, as they say, much is not enough. The second disadvantage, which for me is much more critical of the first ā€” the inability to save an entire folder offline. More precisely, it can be done, but we need to upgrade to the paid tariff, which, by the way, the most expensive among competitors.

Among the advantages first I would like to mention the integration in countless applications. Even Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader support Dropbox. For many developers, Dropbox is synonymous with cloud storage, so it is everywhere.

The web version and apps for computers are fast, but the iOS version is not so smooth. I often upload images from the app “Photos” in the cloud. Usually I select several pictures, click “Share” and choose the desired application. With Dropbox that doesn’t work. The only crutch I’ve found is to use the standard Files from connected Dropbox or to upload images through the official client.

To download speed of small files I have no complaints. Generally, all cloud services with a good Internet upload and download small files about the same. Everything changes when I want to upload a file larger than 100 MB. Then we have to admit that the speed of Dropbox is lower than the other services in this article.

Google Drive

The cloud is a good solution for those who need a cloud service without unnecessary problems.

The company gives 15 GB of free storage, which is a record among competitors. Like Dropbox, Google Drive supports many applications and services.

The biggest minus for me ā€” the desktop application. This is the most buggy and slow programs, both on Windows and on macOS. I had a situation when the file is downloaded, and no updates. Turning on and turning off sync did not help, only waiting. Of course, I can’t say that I have often encountered similar problems, but usually they come at the most inopportune moment.

Mobile applications also do not cause delight. Like Dropbox, you download the whole folder is impossible. But at least Google doesn’t hide this feature in a paid account.

Honestly, I hate that companies believe that users always have access to the Internet. Well, in Russia the cheapest online and you can download is always and almost everywhere. But in other countries the mobile Internet is more expensive and traffic is often limited.

I often work with documents and spreadsheets in Microsoft Office, so the integration with Word and Excel very important to me. Google Drive it is not, but it is bad. If Google Drive documents are stored in format .doc and spreadsheets .xlsx, by default they will open in Google Documents and Google Spreadsheets. Why is it uncomfortable? First, if the document has strict formatting, not just the fabric of the text, the whole layout change. Second, large tables just do not load into Google sheets.


Microsoft OneDrive is often bypassed, and in vain, because he has a lot of positives, although the disadvantages are also there.

OneDrive users get 5 GB of free space for files. But for 269 rubles per month can you buy premium subscription, which includes 1TB of personal files, Microsoft Office and function download folder. Among the competitors this is the best offer in terms of price/features.

From OneDrive is not the best application for iOS. It would not hurt to update and redraw many elements. The web version of OneDrive does not work as fast as Google Drive and Dropbox. Download speed of large files is about the same as from Dropbox is slow.


Domestic service was in comparison only because he has the fastest file download, cheap fares and good web version.

Because of the small audience “Yandex.CD” rarely integrates into third-party applications. Their own clients for desktop platforms is good. On Windows separately is to provide a built-in utility for creating screenshots, which is much better system tools and other similar programs.

In iOS there is a function to save the entire folder that is the only thing the mobile app. The client has no way of displaying the icons, sometimes the images are downloaded for a very long time, not working search folders and files in other folders and there is no basket.

iCloud Drive

Apple has huge resources and a large audience, but they can’t do a normal cloud service, and it is unlikely that anything will change.

iCloud Drive is suitable as a fallback and data synchronization between iOS and macOS. In terms of features is the most limited service. What can I say, if you support access the link appeared only in iOS 12.

Cloud service Apple good apps for iOS and macOS, but a terrible web version and unsavory client for Windows. On Android official apps do not, so the cross-platform, it can not go.

In the end, it is a clear leader in the market. Each service has its pros and cons, so you have to choose based on their needs.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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