Everything you need to know about the new iPhone XS Max

The new iPhone was presented on September 12. The attention of the public to this day chained to the flagship Apple iPhone XS Max, which cost in Russia begins with a mark of 96 990 rubles. Understand what to expect potential owners to 6.5 inch smartphone.

The new screen is a new experience

Six and a half inches for a smartphone is indecently a lot, but this is easy to forget, running your favorite game or movie. Large OLED display, according to user reviews, it really gives a completely new experience even for those experienced iPhone users, by which there hasn’t been a new generation of smartphone. In addition to the screen, XS Max has a more powerful battery than its smaller 5.5-inch version, whose battery life in an hour less.

However, these advantages will not allow you to close your eyes at a significant disadvantage in convenience of use. About how to use the smartphone with one hand, you can forget: if it’s something you can do on the iPhone 6, XS Max, this trick will not work, and use it in the subway in rush hour or just in a crowd of people would be too uncomfortable. The situation does not save even the “Easy access”: “fallen” down the keys will still be inaccessible to the fingers of one hand.

CPU: and it’s not.

Innovation iPhone XS Max is largely a matter of the CPU A12 Bionic, greatly outstripping its competitors. Thanks to a powerful “engine” smartphone easily cope with multitasking, and with the game tied in the technology of augmented reality. However, the difference will be barely noticeable in that case, if the user before this was the iPhone X; I bet it will be, if he does not use any heavy programs and apps.

Perhaps the only thing in the case of XS, the Max overpayment will be understandable, this camera. Pictures taken on a 12 megapixel lens with two lenses on such a large display will look more impressive, but always a “shovel”, it will be convenient to take pictures? In terms of ease of use wins again Junior XS, whose camera is not inferior in characteristics.

Great company ā€” great expectations

The main problem iPhone XS Max ā€” failure to meet expectations of the users. A smartphone costs about hundred thousand roubles still comes in a devastatingly pathetic: savings to the company on the headphone adapter seems to be a mockery of the customers, as are wired headphones that comes bundled: where are those AirPods and why they are still sold separately? Against this background, Lightning connector, wandering as much as with the iPhone 5 in 2012 on all next-generation smartphones Apple looks ridiculous ā€” especially considering wireless charging capabilities of the device.

XS Max, by and large, clearly not worth the money. The matter is hardly in functionality, but in the fact that Apple to its users who buy a smartphone for a thousand dollars and had to pay for extra equipment to it. Against this background, a more affordable iPhone XR, start of sales which will be held on October 26, looks much more attractive: 64 990 rubles for it, of course, can be expensive, but more convenient size, bright color palette and almost the same camera can play a major at purchase, making the purchase of such a device is more practical and only for those who in his time and not bought the iPhone X.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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