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No matter how much some people deny it, the English language is an essential part of the cultural baggage of modern man. To be without the possibility of international communication in the modern world about the same as the blind to visit an art gallery. If spoken language is somehow developed at the household level for a few months of courses, but with written communication, the situation is more complicated and makes mistakes even experienced people. Fortunately, here to us to help hasten technical progress in the face of a great service Grammarly.

The range of people who need to write in English on a regular basis, is very large, starting from students and ending with those who communicate on international forums. Services of automatic translation are here partly to help, but to a normal level, they have yet to evolve and develop, remember the same AliExpress with all its “two iron in-ear moving iron to listen.” About the same (well slightly better) looks and Russian text translated by Google.

We are all lucky that English is the language is quite formal and strict, which helped to create Grammarly.

In General, the essence of this service is brilliantly simple, it checks texts written in English, and it checks not only spelling, it is now no surprise, he is also very good to correct grammar mistakes.

The basic functionality of the service is absolutely free, you only need to register on the site. After registration of the user meets a very good online editor for texts, checking what you have written “on the fly”. Free version great catches, rookie mistakes: missing or extra articles, the “s” ending, confused it’s and its, and much more. Punctuation is checked, the service will show you where you need to add commas where they are unnecessary. There is verification of more complex errors such as use of adjectives where there should be adverbs (good instead of well) and so on.

For each error on the fields displays the options repair which you can accept or reject, then you can see a brief grammar reference that explains why you made a particular correction. Thus, not only can you correct the text, but to improve your knowledge.

One of the strengths of Grammarly is to integrate the system. You can install their browser extension that will add a spell check in every text input field in the browser. There is also a separate OS X application, which resembles the interface of the online editor, it will be useful to those who writes a lot of lyrics. Of course, to check written, you still need an Internet connection.

The maximum capacity of the service is revealed with the purchase of a premium subscription. It adds 250 additional, more in-depth rules. In case of premium services able to adapt to the style of text: essays, post in blog, professional e-mail and so on. In addition, in this case, you can add a spell checker from Grammarly to MS Office. Is clearly useful are the possibility of plagiarism (anti-plagiarism) and function, offering synonyms to expand vocabulary.

However, is it a premium account a lot, the minimum monthly price when paying for the year ahead — 11 dollars and a half. Therefore, a premium-feature of the service is clearly designed for those who do a lot of work with the text, earning money from it.

By the way, in the case of incorporation by reference of our article, after you install the browser extensions, you get a free week of premium, to understand how this service is useful for you.

Overall, Grammarly — the service is wonderful, it really helps to improve the literacy of your text and improve your knowledge of English grammar. Of course, the premium is quite noticeable, but the free option will help those who do not have an innate English literacy.

Name: Grammarly
Publisher/developer: Grammarly, Inc.
Price: free
In app purchases: premium account
Compatibility: OS X
Link: Set

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