How does the new app Breathe watchOS 3

13 Jun 2016 at WWDC Apple introduced a new operating system for Apple Watch watch OS 3. The company focuses on health and physical activity, so in OS we have yet another sports app Breathe. The idea of Apple developers is to help users to cope better with daily stress, making short breathing exercises every day.

Breathe motivates users to spend time breathing exercises to relax and relieve fatigue. The app works for 1 minute, during which the user needs to do the 7 deep breaths. The duration can be increased to 5 minutes, rotating digital crown. The number of breaths can also be configured from 4 to 10 per minute.

When you run the procedure, the application writes: “Be quiet and watch your breath.” The display of the Apple Watch appear concentric circles, which are beginning to expand and shrink depending on the rate of respiration. Apple Watch will use Taptic Engine that allows you to follow your breath with your eyes closed. Easy watch will vibrate on your wrist depending on soothing visualization. The intensity of the tactile alert can be changed in the settings.

At the end of the session, heart rate and the number of minutes during which the application was running are saved. Also shows the option “Repeat”. The default is that the owner of the Apple Watch will perform the procedure of breath every 4 hours, but the tips and the frequency of their occurrence can be changed in the settings.

As conceived by Apple, the breath of the person connects his spiritual condition with a physical embodiment. It is the breath which allows us to understand the psyche: breathing exercises based on this context, they help to achieve harmony between body and soul. Scientists have found that if you learn how to breathe correctly, we can cure many diseases, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

App Breathe will be available to users of the Apple Watch this fall with the release of watchOS 3.

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