How to check your stats on Apple Music with the help of “Siri Command”

The author of the blog MacStories created a shortcut for the application “Team” that generates detailed statistics for listening to the songs in Apple Music. A similar function exists in the Music app Year in Review, but it is not working properly, unlike this team.

This is a very difficult team, in which more than 540 actions, so it runs long, but no more than 30 seconds. Data are collected only from devices running the team. The principle of sorting is very simple: using a keyboard shortcut puts the songs in descending order, starting with the most listened.

The report displays the following elements:

  • The most popular song of the year
  • Top 10 songs
  • The most listened to artist
  • Top 5 Artists
  • Favorite genre
  • A collage of covers of the nine most popular songs
  • Statistics on the number of plays, listening time and duration of your favorite songs
  • Top 100 listened to songs

How to check your stats on Apple Music with the help of “Siri Command”

  • Download team Apple Music Wrapped.
  • In the process of installing the command, the system prompts you to select the year and number of songs to generate the report. By default, 2018 and 100 songs.
  • Run the command. In the process team, you will be prompted to create a playlist in the Apple Music with the most listened songs and save a PDF copy of the report.
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