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We are often asked how to install an application, bypassing the App Store. iOS 9 together with the utility to develop programs Xcode version 7.0 was finally able to answer this question, and with the official permission of the company Apple.

With the latest version of Xcode and iPhone or iPad with iOS 9 on the Board, you can install many apps without the App Store (so called sideload). Of course it is better to download apps only from trusted developers, otherwise you risk to trust all of your personal information to the fraudsters. It does not require jailbreak, but all the actions you perform on your own risk. It is worth remembering it.

First you need to create a developer account. You can do this on this page, and log in either under your own Apple ID or create a new one specifically for the tests.

The second stage is downloading and installing Xcode 7. Download it from this link, install and go to Preferences ā€” Accounts. Here you need to add your Apple ID that you created in the first step.

After that, we need to find an open source application for installation. The easiest way to do this on GitHub. Find the program, open its page and copy the link from the graphs HTTPS clone URL.

Then open Xcode 7, further section Source Control and Check Out. Insert here the link to GitHub and wait when the application will be imported into Xcode.

Connect the iPhone or iPad to your computer and in the popup window the name of the project select your device. Be careful discovery of your gadget may take several minutes.

Click Play, and then begin installing the application on the device. Once the installation is completed, go to “Settings” ā€” “General” ā€” “Profile”, select your Apple ID and click “Trust”.

So you can install wide variety of applications, but if you are unsure, it is better to download apps from the App Store.

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