Huawei changed the name of its operating system

Huawei has registered the Harmony trademark (“Harmony”), which is likely to become the name of the software for the company's future phones and laptops. This is the site LetsGoDigital.

Documents submitted to the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office mention mobile and computer operating systems. This confirms the assumption that Huawei is developing a single OS for all devices.

Earlier in the network there were rumors that the Huawei operating system will be called Hongmeng or Ark. It is even possible that the company will use different names in different regions. In a recent interview with the French magazine Le Point, the head of Huawei said that Hongmeng would be faster than iOS, Android and macOS.

In May, the US government added Huawei to the black list of companies, cooperation with which is undesirable because of the threat to national security. After that, Google, Intel, Microsoft and other companies revoked Huawei licenses to use their technology. On the Internet, information immediately appeared that the Chinese gadget maker was preparing its own OS.

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