Hurry to replace the battery of the iPhone at a discount. You have a week

If you wanted to replace the battery on the iPhone with a discount, you better hurry. The end of the event Apple only a week left.

Apple has reduced the cost of services for the replacement of the batteries of smartphones, admitting last year that she deliberately slowed down the work of some iPhone models, the aging of the battery.

From January 1, 2019 replacement battery for the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, iPhone, iPhone X and XR will cost 69 dollars. For all other iPhone models released in 2014 to 2017, the cost will increase from $ 29 to $ 49 US. At the moment the cost of replacing the battery of an iPhone in Russia is 2 190 rubles.

To check whether you need a battery replacement in the iPhone, go to “Settings” -> “Battery” -> “battery Status”. Apple recommends replacement when the battery capacity falls below 80%.

Battery can also be replaced free of charge if the smartphone is out of warranty or it is subject to AppleCare+.

Substitutions may be made at the Apple Store or in one of authorized service centers. Full information on their location is available on the support site of the company.

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