iPhone of the future will survive even the harshest winter

Apple will patent more resistant to environmental influences batteries. The corresponding document was discovered by the journalists of the portal Patently Apple in the European patent office.

The invention is focused on creating a more durable battery for iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch the next generation. Also in the patent application is a description of the process of device scaling, to be used in cars or at creation of space equipment.

The complexity of the battery is that as you reduce its size suffers the overall stress. That is why residents are particularly wet or cold regions regularly confronted with the failures.

To solve the problem, the developers added into the design of the insulator to prevent a short circuit, which may occur due to the deformation of the separator casing and active material, as a result of the blow and the fall. Also circuits can occur when moisture or during severe temperature changes.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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