Lifesum: diary of a diet and a healthy lifestyle in iPhone

The trend for healthy living continues to gain momentum. In this review we talk about the app that will allow you to get a full review of your food and will help to improve the condition.

LifeSum is mainly intended for those who care about their health. It not only monitors the power user, but also measures calories, and also helps to choose the right diet — but only under the condition that if the user will issue a paid subscription for additional features. By purchasing it, it will be enough to indicate the desired result, and the program will choose the principle by which it is possible to achieve the greatest effect. According to its users, one of the advantages of the application is the possibility of individual approach to food: in the paid version of the program, you can choose a trendy diet, such as ketogenic, and more traditional, Scandinavian or Mediterranean.

The application can choose a diet for the user and yourself: for this you need only to pass a little test that will tell the program that your diet is clean, and that, on the contrary, to add. It is available in the free version of the app.

The diary in the Appendix displays the number of calories gained and burned, as well as more detailed information on protein, fat and carbohydrates. The amount of these substances is determined after the user has set eaten the dish. Records for more accurate work Lifesum should be done after each meal. Like most modern applications, this program has a visual simplicity and ease of use: each menu item is accompanied by a small image or icon that tells the user the value of a particular option.

For any of the diets, the app can pick up interesting dishes with recipes. Following the advice of the program, the user can online monitor all changes in your weight. Lifesum also works great with barcode: after scanning the code on the product, you can get the details about what you want to eat and calculate how many more calories you can take up to the end of the day.

The app can be downloaded free at the Apple Store, the cost of in-app purchases within the program (for example, to create your own unique diet) is 282 rubles per month with an annual subscription.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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